Custom kydex wraps for Modern Rifles

Featureless Rifles

With CA's recent Assault Weapon legislation, converting to Featureless is still an option to avoid AW registration.

​My kydex grip wraps do not allow for a "pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing", therefore, your pistol grip is no longer, by definition, considered an evil feature. 

*These featureless grip wraps have not been approved by the CA DOJ but comply with the law as it is written. 

Please ensure there are no other features on your rifle that the CA DOJ classifies as "evil features" such as a folding or telescoping stock, flash hider, forward pistol grip. thumbhole stock or grenade/flare launcher

100% Customer Satisfaction

All Fingrip wraps are made to order for your specific rifle grip and stock setup. I reply to emails within 24 hrs and I stand behind all my work. I will strive to earn your business and hopefully gain a repeat customer in the process 

Custom Orders

While I have the ability to make Fingrip wraps for a large majority of grips, there are some makes and models that I will need the grip/stock sent in order to be wrapped. Please leave a message on the order form or email me for more details 

Grip Types and Pricing

Popular Wraps

Popular Wraps

Popular Wraps


​- Most AR grips - $35

- Most AK grips - $30

- FAL variants - $30
- CZ Scorpion and Bren - $40
- SIG MCX/MPX/556 - $40
- PTR and HK rifles - $45-$50 (may need to ship in lower)
- VEPR / Misc. Thumbhole - $45-$50 (may need to ship in stock)
​- Keltec Sub 2000 G17/G19 variants - $45
​- Steyr AUG A3M1 - $50 ​​

Please use the Order Request form or email me at to if you don't see your grip type listed.


Popular Wraps

Popular Wraps


All grips comes in a standard Black Kydex.

Optional Colors/Prints ($3 - $10 additional per grip)


I can also special order any kydex material if you wanted something outside what I offer

Popular grip types


Mil-spec A2 or A1 (no finger bump)


Magpul Grips - MOE, K2, SL, K, MIAD, + models also


Hogue Overmold or w/Beavertail


ERGO Ambi Grip (4011) and Tactical Deluxe Version (4045)

AK Variants



Feed coming soon

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